Dependable Aquarium Maintenance in Sacramento County, CA

It’s all about the fish!

Our number-one priority at Neptune Aquariums is to provide a healthy habitat for your prized fish. We’re determined to master the basics of aquarium husbandry, chemistry techniques, and regular water changes to succeed in the industry. Our aquarium technicians started as hobbyists for many years, even before doing aquarium maintenance in Sacramento County, CA.

Aquariums as Living Art

The best part of our job is when we get to be creative. Every aquarium we touch becomes a personal quest to express ourselves as artisans. In our case, the mediums we use are water, rock, coral, wood, plants, and of course, fish! We take pleasure in designing both fresh and saltwater aquariums. They each require different materials, but our goal is the same — to arrange them in an eye-catching design that will delight our clients. You may view our gallery to see photos of our living art.

Professional and Skilled Aquarium Technicians

Our uniformed technicians will arrive ready for the job with everything they need. They come to your home or business on the day you select. Since scheduling is one of our strongest areas, you’ll never have to call to remind them to come. In addition to being on time, you’ll find them to be personable and caring.
When it comes to knowledge and experience, our technicians go way beyond that of the average pet shop employee or home hobbyist. On any given day, they will work on 5-7 aquariums. Most of them have been on the job for 10-15 years, so expect excellent service. They are indeed professionals in their field and capable of caring for practically any system out there.
While you relax and enjoy, our professionals will care for all the needs of your aquarium. With more than 30 years of integrity, rest assured you’ll be happy with the complete output.

Pricing and Service Plans

Our approach to every aquarium is to create and sustain an environment where fish can not only live but thrive. This standard is only attainable when regular service intervals are performed. As we mentioned earlier, water quality and chemical stability are the two most important factors to consider in ensuring the health of your fish.

In our 30 years, we have been doing aquarium installations and maintenance to some of the most beautiful aquariums in the Sacramento area. The common thread that we find is that more is better than less. By “more,” we mean more frequent water changes. Instead of one huge water change every once in a while, we recommend smaller and more frequent ones to correct and rebalance the aquarium. This process is better for both the condition of your fish and the aquarium’s look.

We offer the following service plans:
Pricing for our service plans varies depending upon the frequency, location, and other factors. Our rates are very competitive, and we offer discounts for multiple tanks and locations. Call (916) 635-9929 or email to get aquarium maintenance services.